• Reliable starting power
  • Maintenance free
  • 21 months warranty(Private Use)
  •   6 months warranty(Commercial Use)
  • Check Mark Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Check Mark Quality Product
  • Check Mark Secure Payments
  • Visa Card
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Product details of YUASA 80D26L Car Battery (12V-62Ah) Made in Japan

  • Spill-proof design means virtually no possibility of leaks
  • Advanced lead-calcium technology pumps up starting power
  • Sulfation retardant dramatically reduces battery-killing plate sulfation
  • Long lasting which means Yuasa’s High Performance Maintenance Free batteries will last up to three times longer than conventional batteries
  • Exceptional resistance to vibration makes Yuasa the most reliable battery on the market today and, VRLA batteries hold voltage longer and need less charging in standby or storage mode

YUASA 80D26L Car Battery (12V-62Ah) Made in Japan

World Leading Battery Manufacturer GS YUASA Corporation was established as a holding company in April 2004 after a merger between Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. & Yuasa Corporation. GS YUASA is a leading battery manufacturer and the top of mind battery for motorcycle, marine and industrial applications. Nowadays, GS YUASA automotive battery market share is No.3 in the world. GS YUASA makes all the customers comfortable everyday in the world with reliable and dependable batteries. The Best CCA beyond your expectation CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) capacity has been tremendously improved based on optimizing the material condition, battery structural design and process line. You can find at least 10% improvement in most of models in comparison with previous one. Our batteries CCA capacity is now the best and competitive with any products you can find. And we newly developed Extra CCA model called “Cool Ace”. Expand grid achieves approximately 30% higher CCA comparing our current normal spec. Extra CCA gives you easier engine start especially in the cold and freezing climate. DIN 44Ah, 55Ah, 66Ah and 88Ah are currently available and will be expanded more in near future. Try it for smooth and powerful ignition! Yuasa Sealed Maintenance Free Battery


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